Music fundraising is not just about the sales part of the effort. Before you even get anywhere near that point, you will have to do a lot of planning and organizing - getting things together, deciding what you are aiming for, and making a concise and complete plan to achieve your goals. If you want to have the most successful music fundraising activity possible, your best bet is to start your organizing now, right away.

Having a meeting to discuss the ins and outs of your music fundraising idea is a really great idea that can get everyone communicating and on the same page.? At this meeting, you can figure out exactly what your monetary goals are, what the money is needed for, and how you plan to get it.? If you know how big your fundraising team is, you can break things down to a person-by-person basis, and know exactly how much everyone needs to do for the music fundraising effort to be successful as a whole.

If you have a large fundraising team that is ready to go all-out, you may as well do something like pretzel fundraisers, if you're not worried about minimum order requirements or meeting the cut-off lines for free shipping.? Large groups can do really well with music fundraising products like these, where small groups might not see such a great turnaround.? On the other hand, small groups can do better with high profit items like scratch cards, which are designed specifically to help small music fundraising teams to meet their goals in a reasonable time frame.

Music fundraising is a really fun and enjoyable activity, which really shines through if you get your planning done at the beginning.? After that, all you have to do is let the momentum carry you to your goals, as your plans unfold and your fundraising team gets out there to do their job.? Have a look at our music fundraising pages, if you're short of ideas on how to make this year's effort the best ever.