Hosting a school fundraiser can be daunting work. It requires a lot of organization and time to pull off a truly successful event. Providing everything goes well, though, and you are able to reach your financial target, the payoff will be well worth your efforts.

The first thing to consider about planning a school fundraiser is how much money you have to fund it in the first place. If your budget is only $50, you may not be able to hire a Ferris wheel on the school playing field. However, a simple cookie dough fundraiser would be a great way to earn money on a lower budget. Find out how much your organizers are able to contribute and plan accordingly from that.

The second thing to consider about planning a school fundraiser is the number of your classmates that are able to help out. It goes without saying that the more people you have helping out in your school fundraiser, the more likely it is that you?ll reach that goal. You may even want to recruit the help of teachers or parents for some of the bigger school fundraisers, and they will likely be able to find colleagues or friends that can help contribute to your cause as well.

The third (and most important) thing to consider about planning a school fundraiser is the event itself. If you can make your classmates feel like they are enjoying themselves, then it will hardly feel like they are doing "charity work" at all. There are a whole range of ideas from you to choose from, including pizza stalls, bake sales, raffles, sports rallies, to larger events like carnivals. All of these suggestions are fun things that most students would enjoy participating in, so keep them in mind when planning your next school fundraiser.