If the task of organizing the school fundraising effort this year has gone to you, then it's your job to make sure that everyone is reasonably happy and that the fundraiser goes well. Sure, your number one priority is bringing in money for the school, but there's more to it than that. You want people to have fun and come away with a sense of how fun and easy school fundraising can be, so how do you make sure everything goes smoothly?

The good news is, there are many paths to the same destination, so you just have to take into account some particulars of your situation and apply some basic formulas. Any school fundraising can be easy if you think ahead about things like the size of your group, and how much money you need to raise. To give an example, having a small group but trying to select a fundraiser with higher shipping costs or high minimum orders probably isn't the smartest way to have an easy school fundraising experience. You want to try to match your fundraising activity to your groups needs.

If you think that the main supporters of your school fundraising effort will be families, parents, and people in the community, then you'll want to choose an easy school fundraising activity that reflects what those people will probably want to buy. Why not try something like our green catalogue fundraiser, or maybe a tea and coffee fundraiser? These are things that appeal to adults, but can also work well across a range of situations.

If, on the other hand, you think it's more likely that the kids will be selling to their fellow students, you might want to try a direct sale easy school fundraising idea like chocolate bars. If you can get the school's permission for the students to sell on school grounds during lunch periods, you can see how something like that would be successful. It just takes a little common sense to put together an easy school fundraising effort that everyone will have a good time with.