When you see kids going around doing their fundraisers for various teams and clubs, it's difficult to see the work that has already gone on behind the scenes, all the planning and organizing that was done in the run-up to the fundraiser itself. If you are organizing your school football fundraiser this year, don't get caught out by poor planning - get yourself organized well ahead of time, and then all the hard work will be done and you get to the fun part - the school football fundraiser itself!

When you start to plan your school football fundraising campaign, begin by making a list of your monetary goals and add them all up to see exactly what sort of target you're looking at. Once you have a number to aim for, you'll have a much clearer idea of the road ahead of you. Talk with the coach to find out just how many people will be participating in the school football fundraiser - obviously the players will, but in many schools often the cheerleaders, dance teams, pep squads, and other relevant clubs help out, as well. If you can get a fairly large group of people together, you will have sales team that will be a force to be reckoned with.

Once you know how big your group is and how much you need to make, it's time to start looking for a school football fundraiser that matches your situation. Scratch cards can be a good school football fundraiser; so can things like pizza cards and cookie dough. It just depends on how many people you have and how worried you are about shipping costs and minimum orders. And don't forget the classic fundraisers like chocolate bars - they have performed very well over the years as a school football fundraiser, and you'd do well at least to consider them for yours.

If you have any questions or are confused about how to plan your school football fundraiser, call your fundraising consultant and let us help you figure it all out.