A fundraiser for cheerleaders is primarily about getting some much-needed cash in for the squad to stay afloat, but of course it's not as simple as that. There is also a good amount of planning and organizing involved in order to get your fundraising effort off the ground, and you'll need to build a solid foundation first in order for your fundraiser for cheerleaders to be as successful as it can be. But if you buckle down and get it over with, then you can get on with the fun part, and that's where the magic begins.

Start off by determining your goal for a fundraiser, and work out how much each person in your group will have to be responsible for. Work out exact amounts, and as you add things up, the path ahead of you will start becoming clearer. Once you know your exact numbers, you can start looking through our fundraising ideas and figuring out exactly which fundraising activity will work best for the squad and their goals. If you need an idea that will turn a high profit over a short period, perhaps you'd be best going with fundraiser idea like pizza cards, which can earn you profits of up to 90% if you purchase enough cards ahead of time. If you have a larger squad or a big support group who can help you meet a minimum number of orders, you might do well with a cheerleader fundraiser that is brochure-based.

Once you have finished the planning stages of cheerleader fundraising, the real excitement begins. Whichever activity or product you decide on, make sure it's something the squad will enjoy working with, so once the actual fundraising starts, you will know that you have chosen a fundraiser for cheerleaders that will be both profitable and fun for everyone involved.