Fundraising for your nonprofit or charitable organization should be a positive happy experience, right? It's about helping a great cause - sending kids to a national competition, improving a community, finding medical cures, saving animals, and more.

These are important issues in our lives, to the tune of over $1 trillion dollars a year in donations! But times have become more and more challenging for fundraisers.

Here Are Two Challenges Fundraisers Now Face When Planning Fundraising Events & Activities to Raise More Funds:

1. We deal with uncertain revenue streams, escalating overhead, and generating new interest from patrons and donors. Now as we're experiencing one of the worst recessions in decades, you may not be sure how to plan your fundraising. What can you expect from donors? Will they be there for you? Even if they want to give, do they want what you're offering?

2. Another big challenge is the way we've approached the job in the past. Usually the process is shared by parents, kids, and small business professionals. We "fan out" with our products and ask for the sale or set up sites for donations. Then, since most of us don't like to actually "sell stuff," we put it off. Ultimately, many people on the team end up buying "the stuff," only to give it away or store it in the garage - again.

So How Can Nonprofit and Charitable Organizations Raise More Funds Now One innovative alternative has evolved and is getting lots of attention. The concept is based on the rise and undeniable appeal of global e-commerce.

According to independent business researchers at Forrester Research, online retail sales reached $175 billion in 2007 and are projected to grow to $335 billion by 2012 in the United States. E-commerce has consistently grown by double digits each year for many reasons like convenience, variety and savings. And, most importantly, online shoppers seem to be less sensitive to adverse economic conditions than the average U.S. consumer.

How Can Nonprofit Organizations Raise Money Online

Your organization can send donors to a professionally designed and managed website that displays your charity's identity. People could shop for merchandise and services they want and need and you could be in a commissionable position without having to do anything! No recruits to find. No doorbells to ring. No inventory to manage. Just checks to cash.

With the growth of e-commerce, successful businesses are emerging that distribute merchandise to online customers. This opens the door for others like you to earn commissions by bringing consumers to the online stores and malls. Here Are 4 Benefits of Raising Money for Nonprofits Online Using Auction Sites:

1. It's a win-win fund raising option for you and your donors

2. You will start an excited buzz among patrons of your organization which means one customer can bring in many more

3. It's a possible source for tremendous revenue for your nonprofit organization

4. It's an inexpensive system with hands-off maintenance Thousands of online shoppers are already searching for their own personal bargains every day.

It makes sense that the world of fund raising should be a part of the fun - and the profits. For example, one very enterprising fund raiser, a radio station in Germany, sold over $10,000,000 in e-commerce credits to 100,000 customers in 18 months on their privately branded site. The radio station was paid 30% of the sales, or over $3,000,000! By creating a business-to-business partnership with an e-commerce company, you can experience the above results. And, with an insignificant capital investment and essentially no financial risk, you can participate in the parent company's success and dynamic global presence.

Good luck exploring new possibilities for your next fundraising campaign!