Putting together a yearbook is no small task. In fact, it can be one of the most time and effort consuming projects in the entire school.

The students on the yearbook committee are hardworking individuals who devote their free time to making sure the yearbook looks great and gets out on time, but getting it all organized isn't free.

The school itself is rarely able to cover the growing costs of putting a yearbook together, but yearbook fundraisers can help make up the numbers. Choosing the right fundraiser is important, as is getting organized before the fundraiser so as to keep the number of mistakes down to a minimum.

Sit down with your yearbook committee and have a meeting to find out what's on everyone's minds. If necessary, explain what yearbook fundraisers are for, and why they should be excited about doing one. The students on the committee will very likely form the bulk of your fundraising team, so you need to have them fully on board right from the beginning. Figure out exactly how much money you need, right down to the dollar, and be sure to build in a margin for unexpected emergencies.

After you know what your yearbook fundraisers goals are, you need to start talking about what kind of fundraiser to do. We have everything from direct sale fundraising ideas like scratch cards and chocolate bars, to pre sale products like cookie dough and gourmet coffees.

You can choose a fundraiser based on your group's profit requirements, how much budget you have to pre-purchase items, and what you think would go over well given your demographic of supporters. If you need some help working out which of our yearbook fundraisers are right for you, don't hesitate to give your fundraising a consultant a call - they can give you all the advice you need to get your fundraiser off to the perfect start.