If you are in charge of coming up with the cancer fundraising items for your fundraising effort, you will have to make a series of decisions on how to go about things. One of the most important decisions is choosing whether to go with pre-sale or direct sale fundraising ideas. A lot depends on the nature of your fundraising team, how many people you have, and the monetary goals you have in mind, but rest assured there are pre-sale or direct sale cancer fundraising items out there for you no matter what your targets are, or how big your fundraising team is.

Pre-sale cancer fundraising items work well for large groups, or groups that don't have a lot of cash to invest upfront. There is no monetary investment required from you with pre-sale items - you only have to call up and order what you want, and then wait for your brochures and order forms to arrive. Then you go out and collect orders and money, gather it all up, and send in the amount needed to pay for the products. Some of the pre-sale items do have higher minimum order requirements, and that's what makes those particular ones better for large groups, as large fundraising teams have more selling power and aren't so worried about getting the required minimums.

Direct sale cancer fundraising items are the ones where you pay for the products at the time you order them, and then we ship them to you to sell directly. Direct sale items include fundraising candy bars, scratch card fundraisers, and pizza fundraising cards. These work really well for small groups because the profits are high, and of course there is the benefit that once you have made your initial investment in your direct sale cancer fundraising items, all the money you make from afterwards goes directly to the cause. This can work really well if you have the funds available to invest in direct sale cancer fundraising items.