The booster club is always busy. Those who disagree are obviously not involved! Between meetings, practices, games and all the things in between it hardly seems possible to add another chore to the list?but there is one necessary activity that plagues the booster club each year ? fundraising.

Doing a booster club fundraiser is an important task for each group. To supplement the income of the group or sport, booster club members often sell fan-related items to supporters at games or have car washes on the weekends to raise money for new uniforms. But fundraisers that depend on the weather or can only be conducted during game times put a limit on the amount that can be raised.

Instead of waiting for next year?s season, or a bright sunny day and a willing fast-food parking lot, try doing a pre-sell fundraiser. With a pre-sell booster club fundraiser like coffee or cookie dough, booster club members, as well as team members can carry the fundraiser around with them everywhere they go. You can raise money at work, at the gym, at church, in the park; anywhere you see a friend or neighbor.

A pre-sell fundraiser is easy. You get a fundraising brochure for each person in your group from your fundraising consultant. Your group members sell items based on the catalog that they take with them, and collect money as they sell. Once the selling period is over you tally up the orders, and send in part of the money you have already collected to pay for the items. When items are delivered you simply pass them out to those who purchased.

The best part of the pre-sell fundraiser is that your profits never leave you. There is no need to wait around for a check to come back; you keep your profits the whole time, and can spend them on whatever necessary items your team needs! You also side-step the issue of paying upfront for fundraising items; you can start and end a pre-sell fundraiser for free! So the next time your team is looking for a great booster club fundraiser, consider trying a pre-sell fundraiser.