Private School Fundraising Discount Cards

Post Icon Posted on 05/06/2009 by Howard Gottlieb
Getting an education from a private school comes with certain benefits. Children, in most cases, get more hands on experience in the classroom, as well as closer attention from teachers. The mainstream fads and overall culture of the public school system is avoided, and there is a broad exposure to more educational activities. Unfortunately there is one thing that cannot be avoided: private school fundraising. No matter what price you pay for education, there is never enough. The tuition may be steep, but it will probably not cover every single thing. Extra curricular events and activities will require a little more work?but it is worth it in the end.

A great private school fundraiser is the custom discount card. This fundraiser is individually designed to fit the need and visual appeal of the group or school. The process is simple. Take a merchant agreement form to several venues in your area and have the manager or owner fill out the paperwork. Then fax the pages to your fundraising consultant and call them to place the order. Once everything is paid for, and the cards are printed they are sent right to you.

Each card sells for $10; your profit is determined by how many your purchase. Decide how many students will be participating in the fundraiser, and estimate how many each child will be able to sell. In most cases, students can sell anywhere from 5-10 easily. This private school fundraiser is great because it allows children to go out into the community without having to keep track of all the places they have been. As a direct-sell item there is no need for writing down orders, or delivering at a separate time. Students just collect payment as they sell the cards until they have sold them all.

The next time that the private school you are involved at asks for private school fund raising ideas, be sure to mention the custom discount cards.

Top Discount Card Fundraising Products

Pizza Fundraising Cards

Pizza fundraiser cards are our most popular fundraiser. You sell the Pizza Fundraising Cards for $10. The card entitles the holder to a free medium one topping pizza when they purchase a large one topping. The cards are good at thousands of locations including specific participating Papa Johns, Pizza Huts and more. Buy It Now

Sub Sandwich Fundraising Cards

Everyone loves to save money. That's why they search for subway sandwich coupons. These fundraising cards are like getting 20 subway subs coupons. You download the merchant agreement, take it to your local sandwich shop and we will print your fundraising cards with the store name and logo along with your group info.

Papa Johns Fundraising Pizza Discount Cards

How many people do you know that clip Papa Johns pizza coupons? Consider selling Papa Johns fundraiser cards then. The cards are custom designed for your group. Contact your local Papa Johns and negotiate a Buy One Get One Free pizza offer. The cards are easy to sell and offer great value.

Custom Discount Fundraising Cards

Raise money by creating your own discount card fundraiser. Sign up between 8 and 12 local merchants to advertise on the back of your fundraising discount cards. We will custom design the front for your group. These fundraiser discount cards make terrific annual fundraising tools.

Restaurant Fundraiser Cards

You sell $50 Restaurant . com Gift Cards good at more than 18,000 restaurants nationally for only $20 each. You make 50% profit. The minimum order is only 10 fundraising cards. This is a great fundraiser for any sized group anywhere in the USA.

Dinner and Movie Card

Our newest fundraising discount card - the Dinner and Movie Fundraising Card - offers discounts up to 50% at more than 100,000 different restaurants, theatres and movie rental stores for an entire year. Make 60% profit. Free shipping.

Fundraising Discount Cards

City Savings Cards are our top multi-merchant discount card fundraiser. You select merchants from a list of hundreds in your area. WE do the rest of the work, contacting each merchant to get them to offer discounts specifically for your discount card fundraiser! Each fundraising card will contain UNLIMITED USE discounts from at least 10 local merchants.

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