So you’ve decided that the best way to bring some extra funding to your school is by planning and overseeing a school fundraiser. That’s great. But how do you know which kind of fundraisers for schools will be the best choice to bring in all of your the money required to reach your financial goals? And how do you know that the students will enjoy your event and want to spread the word about it to their friends and families?

There are plenty of ideas for fundraisers for schools that you can choose from, like holding a sponsored sporting event where all of the students can compete against one another and collect sponsorship money from their families, to running some kind of arts and crafts fair in the school gymnasium. But one way of fundraising that is always successful is by selling products.

Sometimes, you might have a great idea in your head from the start that you want to use for your school fundraising idea, and at other times you may ask another faculty member or student to come up with suggestions. When you are coming up short with ideas, why not go with one of our fundraiser product packages.

One of our products in particular that your students will love is our Chocolatiers Candy Bar Fundraising. We offer this for only $100.80 per case, and the selling price of each case is $288.00. This means that on each case sold, you will be taking away a profit of 65%. What’s more, we will even ship each case of Chocolatiers Candy Bar Fundraising products to you free of charge. As well as making extremely high profits on this product, you can choose to sell as many or as few cases as you like, meaning that your product fundraisers for schools can be tailored to suit your school’s budget.