For years schools have produced year books for their students. The yearbook was designed to help keep the memory of high school alive for years to come. There are photos of all the students, clubs, sports teams and more.

Sometimes there is too much.

If you are trying to come up with a new prom fundraising idea consider a prom fashion book.

Here's how it would work:

Let all of the people attending the prom know that you will be creating a fashion magazine with photos of all of the people attending the prom. Be sure they understand that profits from the prom fundraiser will be used to reduce the cost of the event.

On prom day have photography stations set up and make sure every attendee has photo shots taken. You can create all sorts of different poses. Make sure to include a headshot and a few full body shots. When you ultimately put your magazine together you should include at least one of each.

Besides taking photos of all of the individuals attending have your photographers take photos during the prom itself. Get people as they arrive at the prom. Get people mingling and dancing. Get some posed photos and get some where the people don't even know you are taking their picture.

You can hire a company to put the magazine together for you or you can find some students that have a passion for graphic art and let them design the book.

Either way you can create a great prom fundraising magazine that people can keep to remember one of the biggest events in their school lives.