The big day does not come without a price. Right, there a many big days in one?s life. This big day is the day of your class prom. For many high schoolers, prom night is one of the most anticipated nights of their lives.

Prom is not as it used to be with the simple dress, tux and a night of dancing. Today?s prom can run into the thousands of dollars per individual. For this reason, many school classes come together to hold prom fundraisers.

For the girls the most important part of the prom is the dress. Prom dresses typically range from $50 up to $500 or more. Without prom fundraising and prom dresses as costly as they are, parent?s wallets would be empty in no time. Then you the hair needs to be done which can be a $50 plus event and an ?event? is what it is, for many young ladies spend the majority of the day getting their hair exactly as they desire it. Then the tux for the young man needs to be paid for. Although, in many cases it is only a fraction of the cost of the ladies dress, tux rentals can range from $50 to $200. The bad part about the tux is that unless more money is spent and a tux is purchased, it has to be returned the next day! Then you have the accessories and the occasional bling, which can range from an additional $10 to a couple hundred dollars, depending on how many diamonds are involved.

Lastly a means of transportation is necessary and no, the traditional limo will not be appropriate anymore. A stretched Hummer with eight TV?s and seating for up to 20 or more is a strong desire of many prom goers. This type of vehicle can average around $1500 for around seven hours of use and the word ?use? is used lightly for the majority of the seven hours, no one is even in the limo!

The costs of the actual prom are a different story. The class president typically holds a class fundraiser in order to help lower these costs, such as the ticket prices, which can run as low as $10 per ticket all the way up to over a hundred dollars each. All the decorations, the dinner (if one is provided) and not to mention the renting of the facility where the prom is going to be held can be very costly. Schools don?t always have enough budgeted to cover these costs.

The big day is not cheap. With all the costs involved in the prom, fundraisers are not only a way to lower costs, but in many cases they are a necessity in order for the prom to take place.