School fundraising can always be made better if you will promote your fundraising event. You will need to create awareness and excitement for your fundraiser. The more people you make aware of what you are doing, the bigger amount of money that will be raised for your group.

Below are some tips for generating interest in your fundraising event.

If you local newspaper has a section for local news you should always submit Press Releases. They are a great way to make the community aware of your event and it will also be good for your group image. Send out your first press release announcing that you are having a fundraising event, why you are having your event, include your target amount and what the money is going to be used for.

At this point too much information about your school and why you chose your particular school fundraising idea is important. Let the newspaper edit your press release if they feel you have provided too much information. Also, include photos of your school and the students. That will personalize the event for people who are breezing through the newspaper. You never know who may be interested in sponsoring and supporting your fundraising efforts unless you let the community know about it!

But do not stop there.

Send another press release after your fundraising event is complete. Why? Here are a few good reasons.

First, you want to take the time to thank the community for supporting your school fundraiser. They will appreciate seeing your thanks in writing. Tell them how they helped the school, how much money you raised and what you are now doing with the money you have raised.

The second reason you want to issue a follow up press release is to keep your school name and its fundraising needs in the public eye. Maybe someone missed the opportunity to help with this years? cookie dough fundraiser. It may help them to remember you when you hold one next year.

Besides press releases, ask your volunteers to distribute flyers at local businesses like supermarkets, day care centers, pizza places, restaurants, gas stations and other small businesses where people gravitate. To attract small businesses you can add their name to your flyer or pamphlet so they also receive some attention for sponsoring and/or participating in your fundraising event.

Post messages on community message boards.

If you have a school website post it there as well. The more people you tell, the more people will be involved in your fundraising event.