The school your children attend is one of the most important places in their young lives. They will build memories there, develop social skills, and of course learn a thing or two. When they get older, they will look back on their time at school as the "good old days." These days, though, a lot of what our children enjoy at school is being threatened by budget cuts and harsh economic conditions. It is for this reason that extracurricular activities and school fundraisers go hand in hand. Without school fundraisers, many of those enjoyable and educational activities wouldn't be able to survive.

And school fundraisers can be a little intimidating if this is your first time to organize one, or if you know that a lot is riding on the success of your fundraiser. You may be worried about what will happen if things don't go as well as you hope. But ironically, it is that kind of attitude that won't help your chances at all. You need to turn things around and look at them from a positive standpoint - that this is a perfect opportunity to show how teamwork and school fundraisers can lead to great success and continued strength for your group.

Teamwork is the key word here with psychology and school fundraisers. Positive attitudes are contagious, so the more you can push onto everyone the idea that you're headed toward success, the more people will start to believe it, and as the energy of the group snowballs, the more likely that success will be. Any career salesperson can tell you that selling has very little to do with the product, and everything to do with the mindset of the salesman. Customers can tell when a salesperson is truly excited about what they're doing, and school fundraisers are no different. So stay positive, and lead your team confidently down the road to success.