When a school does a PTA fundraiser it usually encompasses the entire school. Even a small school would make a big group by fundraising standards. So when you have a big group, there is one motto to keep in mind when choosing a fundraising program: Go big or go home!

Take advantage of having a large group by picking a fundraising program that will reach the masses. Find a program that offers several options for different types of people, or even one that has a higher minimum than you would usually consider. Do something different so that your customers and your community don?t get tired of the same old thing.

Instead of going the safe route by selling cookies, mix it up and sell Auntie Anne?s pretzels. The minimum is higher, but with a large group it is no problem. Let each child know how many items they are expected to sell, and reaching the minimum order will be a breeze. Your customers will enjoy the healthier alternatives, too; new products, but with a familiar name that they trust.

If you usually do a PTA school fund raiser that offers just a few items, find something like a Seasonal Seller catalog that has products to choose from that cover a wider demographic. Seasonal Seller fundraisers are perfect to try prior to a holiday. You can find great gift items for lots of occasions, particularly Christmas and Spring time holidays like Easter or Mother?s Day.

When you?ve got lots of people working toward the same goal you are likely to have quite a high result?so you can plan a fundraiser that yields high profits and far exceed your original target. Try a candy sale. Buy the candy that everyone already loves, and sell it for a good cause. A typical amount to purchase is 1 case for every 1-2 children. It is so easy, and the results are terrific.

So take advantage of having a large group. Find a PTA fundraising idea that will work for your school, and in your area.