PTA fundraisers have a reputation for being big and crazy. That reputation is pretty accurate most of the time ? but yours does not have to be that way. You can successfully have a low-key, organize elementary school PTA fundraising ideas for your school and still make the money you need for things like field trips, classroom supplies, programs, etc.

The key to a successful fundraiser that will not make other parents run for the hills is information and organization. In most cases, things get out of hand because people are not aware of basic information. To fix that simply make sure that the parents of each student participating in your fundraiser is well informed. So many times information gets sent home with children, but never actually gets into the hands of the parents. Announce any important information at the PTA meeting, send it out in a newsletter or email, and if necessary, make phone calls. When a parent is informed they are more likely to meet deadlines and help their children execute a fundraiser correctly.

Organization is the other key factor to a smooth fundraiser. Once it is established who will be in charge, and what fundraising program your school is going to do, form a team. Make use of parents who are members of the PTA who are organized. How do you know who that is? Look for parents who are punctual (they are good with deadlines), who take notes during meetings (they?re probably good with lists), who ask questions (it means they want to do all they can). Before you know it you?ll have a great team assembled.

So don't let your next PTA fundraiser get out of hand - keep everyone informed about what?s going on, and get to work on organizing a successful fundraiser.