Many PTA presidents and PTA board members come to me asking what the best kind of PTA fundraising idea is. In the past, the answer was obvious. To have the best PTA fundraisers just do what you have always done, sell candy, cookie dough, or wrapping paper. These traditional fundraisers have long been the foundation for what people pictured when they thought of fundraising and they worked really, really well for quite some time.

Nowadays however, things have changed. For one thing, it is no longer considered acceptable to offer unhealthy items for sale as a way to raise money for children. This idea has gone so far in fact that some states, Texas being one, have banned the sale of unhealthy items during school hours.

Besides the obvious healthy effects, there is another reason PTA fundraising ideas have moved past traditional fundraisers. This is because there are just so many schools selling stuff. It is not uncommon to have 5 or even 10 elementary schools within a couple of miles of one another. If all of them are selling cookie dough the customer base is going to be quickly burned out on the idea of buying yet another tub of cookie dough fundraiser.

So, the old ideas are out, what do you do now? The most successful PTA fundraiser ideas at this point are ones that pick a theme. Find something your school is interested in, like recycling, and build your fundraiser around that theme. The great thing about doing this is that it opens up all kinds of new products that you can sell for your fundraiser.