Here are key words associated with School PTA fundraising and why they are the words you should focus on during your planning stages:

Business: Treat your PTA fundraiser the same way you would treat your business. Bottom line thinking, giving the right people responsibility, offering products your target market will be attracted to. Those are business thoughts that apply to PTA fundraising.

Choose: Choose the right products to sell and that offer the profit potential needed. Choose the best company to provide them to you. And choose the best time to hold your fundraiser.

If your school is considering different PTA fund raising ideas, here are a few suggestions to help free your mind and get you started:

  • Read-a-thons (NEW PTA/PTO Fundraising Idea!)
  • Discount Card Fundraising - Highest Profit!
  • Cookie Dough Fund Raisers (All time favorite PTA Fundraiser)
  • Seasonal Shopper Fundraisers
  • Candy Fund Raising

Company: All PTA fundraising groups need to work with a qualified fundraising company. Look for one that has a broad based product line, years of experience in working with schools, and the financial resources to be there when you need them. They should also provide a toll free number and have the staff resources to answer your groups questions and be helpful long after they have colleted the money!