With a little bit of strategy, and a good knowledge of which fundraisers are in season, your PTO fund could stay full. Below is a list of the top PTO fundraising ideas, and the best times of the year to execute them.

Cookie Dough: There is really no bad time to do a cookie dough fundraiser. There are times that you have to watch if you are expecting a delivery by a certain date. Always allow 2 ? weeks for a cookie dough delivery. If you want the products by Christmas, or any other holiday, contact your fundraising consultant at least one month in advance to set dates and deadlines.

Coffee and Candles: Like cookie dough, there is not a bad time to do coffee and candle fundraisers. Candles also make a great gift item, so allow plenty of delivery time.

Flower Bulbs and Go Green Fundraising: If you want to try the earth-friendly PTO fundraisers you MUST watch the dates. Because of the seasonal nature of each of these fundraisers, they are only available in early spring and early fall. The best time to start these fundraisers is in February/March or August/September.

Calendars: The calendar fundraiser is a fantastic program to do around Thanksgiving. Calendars make perfect Christmas gifts, and by doing the fundraiser at Thanksgiving you will give yourself plenty of time to get the items ordered and delivered before you break for Christmas vacation.

Cards: Scratch cards, pizza or sandwich cards, or money savings cards are perfect in-between fundraisers. If you are looking for a great PTO fundraising idea to do between the cookie dough at Christmas and the Flowers in the spring, consider a card fundraiser. Money savings cards are perfect to sell DURING Christmas break since they do not expire and can be sold anywhere in the United States.