If you want to be as successful as possible you should publicize your school fundraiser using all the resources available to you. First contact your local newspapers and radio stations. You would be surprised at how often they will consider doing public service, feel good kind of stories. They might actually be grateful if you have packaged your fundraiser in an innovative fashion and are raising money for a good cause.

Imagine the buzz around town if your group is written about in the paper or featured on the local news. Your school fundraising results will skyrocket.

Start by seeing in anyone in your school knows anyone who works for a media outlet. It always helps if you know someone. If so let that person be the contact for the media if they are willing. If no one knows someone first hand we would suggest you make personal contact with the city desk people. Don't simply send emails. Journalists are buried underneath avanlanches of unrequested emails and will probably not reply.

Once you have exhausted all media outlets you should focus on signs, posters and flyers. The rule of thumb is to make them colorful and fun. The more colorful the more the eye is attracted to them. Also make sure it does not take a rocket scientist to tell what your message is. Let people know quickly what you are doing, why you are doing it and what you want them to do.

Place your signs in as many places as possible. Place them throughout the school including the library, gym and office. Get as many local businesses to post your signs in their stores as possible.

If city regulations allow it post them on telephone polls and everywhere you can possibly think of. Plan a large email campaign. Get every member of your group to enter the names and email addresses of people they feel should know about your school fundraiser.

Have someone with design experience create a fun HTML email and do a major email campaign. As with the posters make sure you are concise and clear about your message. People will not read a lot of text. Give them the major bullet points and invite them to help.

When it comes time to publicize your fundraiser you are limited only by your imagination. The goal is to get your message out to as many people as possible as many ways as possible.