When you start to organize a colon cancer fundraiser, you might think that all the fun is in coming up with the ideas, but actually, thinking of good colon cancer fundraising ideas can be the hardest part of the process, and you may not even know how to start.. If you are working together with a group of people, everyone will have their own opinion, as well, and that can complicate your fundraiser even further. Coming up with ideas for a colon cancer fundraiser doesn't have to be all that difficult, though, and we can help you find the fundraising ideas that will help your fundraising team do the best job possible.

If you want to go with one of the most tried-and-tested ideas for a simple colon cancer fundraiser, it doesn't get much better than chocolate. Yes, you have probably seen this fundraiser being done in all sorts of other contexts, but you can probably guess why - because candy bar fundraisers never stops being popular, and these sort of ideas return amazing profit levels no matter how many times you do them. This is an especially great idea for a cancer fundraiser if you work in a large office where people get hungry an hour or so before lunchtime - pretty much anyone will buy a chocolate bar from you then.

If you're not interested in chocolate, there are plenty of other colon cancer fundraisers out there. Fundrasing discount cards are not only very popular, they return some of the highest rates of profit of any fundraiser activities. In fact, if you can commit to sales of 1,000 cards upfront, your profits will be 90%. When you're thinking up ideas for a colon cancer fundraiser, it's difficult to come up with something that has more potential.