If you have a sizeable fundraising team, or if the personnel of your fundraising team changes every time you have a fundraiser, you may have an issue with consistency of behavior. Most people who participate in a fundraising activity don't actually know much about what is acceptable and what is not, so it can be very helpful for your church to draw up a document of church fundraising policies, an official set of rules and regulations that define how fundraising is handled in the church, and how the people who participate in the fundraising should conduct themselves. Church fundraising policies ensure that everyone who is involved in church fundraising knows what is expected of them, and what they are allowed to do.

Church fundraising policies should cover not only the practicalities of fundraising ideas, but the moral and ethical issues, as well. If you typically have fundraising teams full of people who are new to fundraising, especially young people like your church's youth group, there may be a lot of confusion about what is okay and what is not. Church fundraiser policies help clear this confusion up, and are pretty easy to put together.

Church fundraising policies do not have to consist of a huge rule book or anything like that - they just need to be listed out on a piece of paper that can be given to everyone participating in the effort. Church fundraising policies need to outline the points defining how the fundraising participants are to behave when they are out in the community representing the church, and also how the church is to handle the money that comes in from the fundraising effort. It's a good idea to be specific within your church fundraising policies - make it clear to your fundraising teams that they are not to badger or pressure people for money, they are not to do anything which would show the church in a negative light, and they are never to mislead people about the purpose of the fundraising. A list of clear church fundraising policies can make fundraising a more relaxing and enjoyable experience for everyone.