If your high school marching band was anything like mine, you probably experienced some times of low funds. Band is not always at the top of the priority list on a high school budget?it gets lost below football, basketball, baseball and text books. But that does not make it less important (well maybe a little less important than text books); anyone involved can attest to the significant effect band has had in their life.

Hard times in the economy affect everyone. Doing a fundraiser during a recession is not the popular idea, but without a successful marching band fundraiser, how will you pay for new uniforms, or new music, or even new instruments? When it is time to look at fundraising options for your band, consider the following ideas.

Candy Sales: Every year that I was in band we sold candy to raise money for various things. The benefit is that you know exactly how much you are responsible for, and you can sell it to fellow classmates. Some of the band parents even sold it at football games.

Cookie Dough: You may think that EVERYONE sells cookie dough?and you would be right ? but that is the beauty. Everyone knows what they are getting, and with the $10 cookie dough it is a reasonable price.

Candles: No need to find freezer space with candles ? makes delivery day much easier. Also, the candle fundraiser has no minimum order.

Coffee: The best thing about selling coffee is that it is one low price of $10, and you make 40% of every order. Like candles, there is no need to find room to store it while it is being passed out.

Don't let the recession keep your marching band from having a great season. Choose a band fundraising program that will both benefit your band, and those who are buying.