We live in a world that is more violent than it was yesterday, and tomorrow it will be even more violent than it was today. That is a fact.

Parents try and protect their children from as much as they can, but many times it is not good enough. Parents can't predict what other people are going to do, but they can safeguard things around them. They can put a gate over the pool, or child lock on all medicine cabinets.

They can also make sure that their children's playground equipment is as safe as possible. There have been tons of PTA Fundraisers and Elementary School Fundraisers to raise the money to purchase children's playground equipment. These days, though, schools need to demand that their playground equipment be safe.

There are thousands of accidents that happen on a playground each year, there have even been deaths. Ensuring the quality and safety of your children's playground equipment is just another way that you can keep your child safe. There are several things that parents should look for when inspecting the safety of the playground equipment.

First, gravel and rocks are most common in playgrounds. It does help in softening the fall, but it is very dirty. You can find almost anything in playground gravel. Rubber bands, old candy, dirty band aids, these are all common items that are found in the playground gravel.

You might want to think about having playground turf. This can also help to soften the fall and is also less dirty. It can be a bit more expensive, but it is much safer. The next thing that you want to do when inspecting the playground is to make sure that everything is sturdy.

If you notice anything out of place or loose, you should definitely tighten it and reexamine it several times. Many playgrounds are made out of wood and metal. Wood and metal cost more and are not as safe as plastic. Plastic is much cheaper and is works much better with children. If a child runs into a wooden or metal pole, they can seriously injure themselves. If a child runs into a plastic pole, they are fair less likely to be injured. There are certain types of plastics that are more costly than metal or wood, but for the most part plastics are much cheaper.

It is a scary world out there, but knowing that you can do one more thing to protect your children should make you feel much better. Children's playground equipment can be dangerous and expensive, don't let it.