We have had many people call and ask for details on Readers Digest fund raisers. Interestingly we do not have any information because there is no such thing. Readers Digest does own its own fundraising company called QSP.

QSP offers a few different products to fundraising groups through out North America. They are especially strong in Canada, where there is not as much competition as there is in the United States.

The Readers Digest owned company's main specialty is selling magazine subscriptions. And they do a first rate job selling them. In fact they have created wonderful online tools where your group can set up its own website and supporters and members of your group can go to your website and order magazines directly from your Readers Digest fund raiser website. It is all very easy and worth looking into if you have a strong desire to sell magazines online.

You can also find other sources for magazine fundraising programs by searching Google or Yahoo for that term. There you will find other programs that might be more to your liking.

However, we would strongly suggest you research other fundraising products and programs before settling in on magazines. While it is true that most homes do subscribe to magazines, there is a lot of competition for those subscriptions. The prices for subscriptions has dropped and dropped over the years, dramatically reducing both your profit potential and the amount of sales a typical magazine fundraiser will generate.

If your group is determined to sell magazines consider one of two options. Either take advantage of the Readers Digest online magazine fund raiser or consider pre-selling magazine subscriptions by showing a catalog of magazines to friends, families, neighbors and coworkers. Sometimes the direct sale works better than trying to entice people to a website to buy their subscriptions. If you approach them directly they can take the time to review your program, knowing that the money they spend will benefit your group. That way you are not depending on someone to remember to visit a website at a later date to support your fundraiser.