The truth of the matter is that there are very few really fun and unique fundraising ideas. As the owner of a very busy online fundraising company we hear from companies in all sorts of industries that feel like they have the next best thing in fundraising.

The problem usually begins and ends with the discussions of profits and saleability. Most products simply do not offer enough profit for a fundraising group. So many times we hear "Well, the fundraising group can make 10%...:" or 20%. They do not realize that fundraising groups want to make 40 or 50% or more if possible.

The second big issue is having a product people will actually buy and being able to offer that product as prices competitive with the retail world.

One of the few new fundraising products to hit the market that actually meets or exceeds expectations are pencils made our of recycled newspaper that come in different scents. Kids just love the pencils that have come out by a company called Smencils.

They are offered much the same as lollipops. You purchase Smencil fundraising pencils by the case and sell them individually. You can buy a single case at a time so it is a fundraising program any group can take advantage of. Now they have come up with colored Smencils. They are the same as the original Smencils but these come in an assortment of different colors. The industry can use more innovative fundraising products like Smencils.