Are you a member of a team looking for Relay for Life fundraising ideas? We have a lot of experience helping Relay for Life teams all over the country. Let?s take a look at some of the Relay for Life fundraising ideas they used.

Many teams set fairly modest goals and therefore do not attempt to raise a lot of money. The fundraiser of choice for those groups seems to be lollipop fundraising. They buy cases of lollipops so their cost per sucker is only $.25 each. They sell the lollipops for $.50 which allows them to double their investment. Lollipops typically come in cases of 576 units so selling one case will generate $144 in profits. Once a fundraising goal is set knowing how many cases you need to sell is easy enough. And since many Relay for Life teams are a part of large offices, selling lollipops can be fast and easy.

For Relay for Life teams with larger goals candy sales seems to be a popular choice. Again, many of these teams work in large offices so selling candy is extremely easy. The teams seem to gravitate to name brands such as Hershey?s or M&M?s fundraising candy. The candy comes in handled carriers that can also be used as displays for counter tops or desk tops. People put the carriers out with cash collection boxes and hope co workers and team members will purchase candy from them during the work day. We have had Relay for Life teams raise thousands of dollars in a relatively short period of time. Profit percentages on candy sales range from 40% all the up to 55% depending on how much candy you buy. The one thing that makes candy different than lollipops is that there are quantity price breaks for buying larger numbers of cases. The price per case of lollipops remains the same no matter how many cases you purchase.

It seems more teams prefer Relay for Life fundraising ideas that give them specific amounts of money they will raise once the product is sold. However there is a large universe of brochure or pre-sell type fundraisers available to teams. While most groups choose to purchase direct sale items many of the larger teams that choose to pre sell products like cookie dough, coffee, candles, pretzels and other similar items report great results. Since team members know how important their efforts are their sales are usually pretty good.

We invite you to browse around our website and view all of the different Relay for Life fundraising ideas we have.