You never know what context you might see a breast cancer fundraiser in. There are walk-a-thons, pledge drives, and all kinds of other fundraising efforts run by people whose lives have been touched by breast cancer. If you have been eager to find a way to help out, and you work in a large building or for a big company, a great idea is to run a breast cancer fundraiser in your office. A fundraiser in the workplace can not only raise money for research, it can also help raise awareness and bring people together to fight for the cure.

There are two aspects to hosting a cancer fundraiser in your office. One is getting the people who actually work in the building to dig deep and donate. People are a lot more likely to give money if they're getting something in return, so one way to get people excited is to sell things like chocolate bars or pizza cards in your fundraiser.

Chocolate bars can be a great thing to sell at lunch times, especially if a lot of people eat at their desks. It's a fundraising product that has renewed potential everyday. You can go one step further with running a breast cancer fundraiser in your office, and get your co-workers to help you in the fundraising effort.

Things like catalog fundraisers are fantastic for group efforts, and this is a great way to take your fundraiser in to the wider community. At that point, the sky is the limit - you could even have a contest with prizes for the people who bring in the most money for the breast cancer fundraiser in your office. Holding a fundraiser in your office can be both fun and rewarding, and of course the best part of all is the money you'll be able to donate toward helping find a cure.