Everyone is concerned with the safety and welfare of their families. We want the peace of mind knowing that our children are safe, that we are prepared if something happens to our car while on the road and that our homes are not hazardous.

It is possible to relieve those fears and make money with safety product fundraisers. We found Hincor, a company that provides a six page pre-sell fundraising brochure packed with important safety items for your fundraiser.

They claim that safety products make an excellent fundraiser because every home, car and office can use products from their brochure. Safety items allow customers to have a convenient way to stock up emergency products that they may have run out of or just not thought about. Safety product fundraisers, though, give them the opportunity to think about the products they should own.

Examples of products in the program include fire extinguishers that are perfect for the kitchen, garage, car or boat, first aid kits, rescue breathers and other safety products.

Another to way to hold safety product fundraisers is by holding an educational dinner for interested parties to attend. This is a great idea for school and church organizations.

Your group sells tickets to a dinner. Spaghetti seems to be the easiest, most profitable choice when it comes to dinner fundraisers. As your main draw make arrangements with your local fire department, police department or ambulance provider and get them to hold a seminar on safety in the home. They can show different safety products that they would like to see everyone own in their home and how to use each of the products.

Most people will gladly support your group by attending and paying for the dinner. What makes these events so successful is the safety product fundraising theme. People are truly interested in the safety of their families and will gladly attend a dinner like this. We strongly suggest you also place a donation pail near the speaker and let people know that you do accept and would appreciate additional donations.