There are no groups more likely to hold an annual fund raiser than a school. In fact, more often than not schools try to hold the same fundraiser at the same time of year every single year. There is a lot to be said for school annual fundraisers.

There are a few reasons schools do hold the same fundraiser every year. Some are good positive reasons while others may be counter productive.

The obvious benefit of annual fundraisers is that people come to expect them and support them. A few examples of school annual fundraisers include carnivals, cookie dough sales and gift catalogs. When our children were in elementary school, the PTA held an annual carnival in the early fall season. Everyone who ever attended the school knew about the carnival and when it would be held and actually looked forward to it. All the students and their families attended and you would even see some old kids from junior high or even high school attending the carnival so they could see their old teachers. Carnivals, though, required a ton of work and volunteers. The PTA began work on the next carnival almost immediately after counting the proceeds from the current year.