If you have done any kind of school football fundraising before now, then you probably already know what a large selection there is of school football fundraising ideas to choose from. You may have even done quite a lot of those school fundraising ideas yourself. But of course, football fundraising is a very different prospect if you are doing it on school grounds, than if you are doing it in the neighborhoods surrounding the school or even at other venues. If the kids will mostly be selling to the other students at their school, then you'll need some ideas that cater to that situation.

And of course, the first thing we have to talk about is the classic idea of selling chocolate bars. Yes, it's been done a million times, but candy fundraisers are one of those ideas that never goes out of style. Everyone loves chocolate, and if you can get permission for the players to do their fundraising during lunch or after school, then that can be one of the most lucrative fundraising ideas out there.

Another idea that is very popular with the kids is cookie dough fundraising. There are a lot of different kinds of cookie dough fundraisers out there, so you can find something to fit any group or monetary goal. Cookie dough fundraising ideas range from dry mix, to frozen tubs of dough, to preformed and pre-measured cookies, so no matter which program you have, you can find a cookie dough fundraiser to match what you want.

Check out our pages of football fundraisers, and get some great ideas for the sorts of things you can do. We're confident that you'll soon find the school football fundraising ideas that will work the best for you and your team.