This may not be your first time doing school football fundraising, and if that's the case then you already know what a wide variety there are of school football fundraising activities there are to choose from. You've probably seen or done quite a few yourself, even. There is a difference, though, between school football fundraising that is done in the community at large, and school football fundraising that is done within the context of the school. If you expect that your football team will mostly want to sell to their fellow students, then you'll need to choose an appropriate school football fundraising activity that works in those situations.

And you know exactly what's coming next: chocolate. Yes, it is the oldest school football fundraising trick in the book, but there's a reason for that! Chocolate is popular with everyone, and if your team can get permission to sell at lunch periods or pep rallies, then you know you've got a sure-fire winner on your hands. If you go with something like the Hershey's variety pack for your football fundraiser, then that just sweetens the deal even further.

Cookie dough is another very popular item for school football fundraising. We have cookie dough fundraising activities in all shapes and sizes, and to fit all kinds of groups and budgets. So no matter whether you'd like to sell frozen cookie dough tubs, dry cookie dough mix, or even preformed cookies, there is a cookie dough fundraiser out there for all your school football fundraising needs.

You know your football team, and you know what sorts of things the kids in your school are into. So have a look through our candy products for school football fundraising, and our cookie dough fundraisers, and have fun finding the perfect school football fundraising activity that will get your team to their financial goals.