It doesn't matter if you are a small group of people trying to raise a moderate amount of money for your school, or a large group trying to make more significant funds, because the issue is the same: you need some good school fundraiser ideas that will help you reach your goals. You're in luck, because there are all kinds of quality school fundraiser ideas here, and regardless of your goals or what your team is like, it will be pretty easy to match your situation up to a school fundraiser idea that will work for you.

When you think about school fundraiser ideas, you're probably reminded of all the fundraisers you did back when you were in school, and guess what? Not only are those same classic fundraisers still around, but they're still performing strongly in terms of popularity and profits. So if you feel comfortable going with a classic school fundraiser idea that you know inside and out, why not check out our candy bar fundraisers, or our catalogue fundraisers. We even have a green catalogue fundraiser that puts a modern environmental twist on a classic school fundraiser idea.

On the other hand, if you'd like to branch out and do something completely different with school fundraiser ideas, we've got you covered on that front, as well. In our school fundraiser ideas pages you'll find a huge variety of new and exciting fundraisers for school that you haven't seen before. All kinds of things can work well as school fundraiser ideas, including scratch cards, pizza cards, and tea and coffee fundraisers. The possibilities are endless.

We have school fundraiser ideas to suit every group size and preference, so no matter whether you have a small group or large, or need a little or a lot of money, a quick look through our school fundraiser ideas pages will give you some great ideas about the opportunities ahead of your fundraising team.