School fundraising does not have to be hard. There are several simple fundraisers that a school group can do - both large and small groups that will benefit your budget. Here are some suggestions I thought might be helpful.

Chances are, if you are doing school fundraising, then you are working with a group of children, or students. Find out if they have any ideas first - you will be amazed with their creativity.

With younger children you can approach the subject with several options and let them be a part of the planning process. Cookie dough is a very popular school fundraiser. Children love cookies -and when you enjoy the item you are selling, it is easier to sell. Your school group will receive free cookie dough brochures for the pre-selling process. Once the fundraiser is over you simply call in your order to your fundraising consultant, pay for the products you sold, and distribute the items when they are delivered. Your profits are determined.

Flowers are another great idea for school fundraising. There is no minimum amount that has to be sold. The products are light-weight, so when they arrive it is easy to pass out among students for distribution. Flowers also have a wide range of prices, so customers can easily find something suitable for their budget. The success of school fundraising is highly effected by the motivation of the group and group sponsors.

So if your school is fundraising then get excited - chances are it will help your profits!