Fundraising is a seasonal process. There are several programs that are only offered during certain seasons, and others that work best during particular times of the year. When you are ready to start doing humane society fundraising, it is important to know the best timing, in order to make the most of your fundraising efforts.

Flowers: The flower bulb fundraiser is a very popular fundraising idea for humane societies, but a key element to the flower fundraiser is deadlines. Due to the nature of the bulbs, all orders must be turned in by certain dates to insure that they are delivered in time to put them in gardens and flower beds. We start our spring program around February and the fall program in late August.

Cookie Dough: We do this fundraiser throughout the year, but if your group is looking for a specific delivery time it is important to look at dates carefully. Cookie dough is generally delivered 2 ? weeks after the payment is received. If you want to deliver the cookie dough just in time for Christmas, then the best time to start your humane society fundraiser is before Thanksgiving; turn it in right after the holiday.

Candy: Any type of chocolate candy fundraiser should be done in months that are 80 degrees and below. Shipping candy during the summer can be very tricky.

Cards: Pizza and sandwich shop cards, custom discount cards, scratch cards and money savings cards are also year-round fundraisers. These humane society fundraisers are good any time of the year. They also yield the highest profits.

Make sure you have all your information before you start your next fundraiser for the humane society.