Between team fees, equipment purchases and buying a new uniform each year, playing soccer can get expensive. Doing a soccer fundraiser may seem like a great idea ? and it is ? but you should make sure that your team chooses a fundraiser that is in season (not just soccer season)!

Spring Soccer: When the weather starts to turn warm and you pull the cleats out for a new season, then it is time to start thinking about some new soccer fundraising ideas. The best fundraiser for the spring season is the flower bulb fundraiser. Warmer weather does not only warrant a new team roster, but also the green thumbs in your community. Your team can sell flower bulbs and plant products to your neighbors and throughout your town. You make a 50% profit from each item sold.

Fall Soccer: During the fall soccer season, pizza cards are your best bet for a successful soccer fundraiser. Everyone is still getting into the swing of things as far as school schedules are concerned, and then you add soccer practice to the mix. Nobody has time to cook dinner! Pizza cards will give moms an excuse to skip all the dinner-hassle for at least one night a week for 20 weeks! You can sign up any pizzeria in your area to participate. The profits are high, and the cards practically sell themselves.

When the next soccer season rolls around get together with your team and discuss your possible fundraising options!