If you are a sports league that has a concession stand, a high school group with access to electricity or the cafeteria or any other resourceful group, you might want to consider how good hot dog stands do for fundraisers

. Hot dog stands? For fundraisers? You betcha!

There is very little more American than hot dogs. Find a location where there are hungry people - just about anywhere people congregate if you think about it - and you have a built in market. Why hot dogs? First they are very inexpensive. You could just go to the grocery store and buy packages of franks very cheaply or you can visit one of the warehouse chains like Costco or Sam's and get really good deals on them. Look at the warehouse store for buns too or you can try to locate one of those bakeries that sell day old buns.

If you plan on selling the dogs right away, the day old buns are no different than you would find in the grocery store. You might want to pick up a jar of mustard and ketchup. If you want to get extravagant, you might want to offer relish and chopped onions. The market price for a cooked wienie is easily a dollar a piece.

You should be able to make a good profit for a dollar.

Just think. If you go to a major league ball park, you will pay upwards of five dollars for a ball park frank and all you are supporting there is overpriced major league salaries. People might pay a little extra at a hot dog stand for a local fundraiser group.

The other words of advice we have for selling dogs as a fundraiser is to make sure someone knows how to properly cook them. You certainly do not want to undercook any meat product even though many brands come pre cooked and simply need to be warmed. And you definitely do not want to burn or over cook them either. Keep the uncooked items in a cooler or refrigerator until just before cooking time to be safe.

Hot dog stands for fundraisers create great opportunities for creative groups.