It is the end of your senior year in high school, and you are about to leave all of your friends, family, and memories behind. Whether you are going to a far away college, the military, or are starting a new job, you want to end your high school career with a big bang.

That is why senior class trips are so much fun. They allow you to spend a few days with your closest friends and peers and just have the time or your life. If the senior class trip is a school sponsored event you should consider annual high school fundraisers so by the time the students are seniors there is no more need for any senior class fundraising campaigns. The trips are already paid for thanks to the class fundraiser.

Freshmen in high school start getting excited about their senior class trip even when it is four years away. It takes a lot of planning and fundraising for the trip to happen, but since the students are always excited about it there is never any problem planning. There are also companies who visit the school and can plan the entire senior class trip for the students.

They usually have packages that go to Cancun, Costa Maya, South Padre, or somewhere exotic. There are other trips that can go skiing or even back-packing through Europe. Even if a company does not offer a package for the destination that you want to go, you and your friends can plan a trip.

The great thing about package vacations is that all you have to do is hop on the plane. You don?t have to plan, you don?t have to call and look up information, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the trip. This convenience does come at a price. The package vacations can be pricey, but you have to remember that you aren?t just paying for the vacation; you are paying for the convenience. Senior class trips are so much fun. They are the last big hoorah before everyone has to separate.

Although these trips are meant to be fun and carefree, students must act responsibly and take care of themselves. Many of these trips do not have chaperones, and for most students this is the first time without a parent or an adult. It is also dangerous because when students go to Mexico they are of the legal age to drink, as long as they are 18.

Again, this is dangerous for students because for many they have never drank alcohol before, and testing your limits is dangerous and can even be deadly. If you are someone you know is planning on going on a senior class trip make sure that everything is carefully planned, and they know they need to take care of themselves.

Senior class trips are a vacation of a lifetime, just make sure that you are responsible and have a good time.