You should always set goals before starting a school fundraiser.

Many schools simply hold a fundraiser and hope for the best. But if you do not set clear goals and targets how do people know whether they have been successful?

For some schools raising a couple hundred dollars would be a success and a realistic goal. For others raising $50,000 is not an unreasonable goal. But without setting the goal in the first place how would either determine whether it had succeeded. Without clear cut goals and targets your group will lack direction and purpose. So make sure you set group goals before beginning.

Group goals should be reasonable and attainable. They should be realistic in two ways.

First the goal should be something you need to attain and something your group can attain with proper motivation and effort. If you tell a small school the goal is to raise a million dollars that goal will only act to disenfranchise your participants.

The same goal setting is true on the individual level. Before you send your participants off to sell they should know both how many units of whatever product you are offering you expect each to sell AND how much money to expect them each to raise. It is amazing how goals work.

If you tell your group you expect everyone to sell 5 items do not be surprised when very few people exceed that goal. When people sell their 5 they will feel successful and stop working as hard since they have already met the goal. Many people in your group, you will find, will sell the exact number of units given as a goal.

So when setting individual goals you should ideally set a target that is higher than the typical person would sell but at the same time is easily attainable with a little bit of effort.