Fundraising should be fun, right? Well, why is it that people would rather have teeth pulled than participate in another fundraiser? What the world needs is more silly fundraisers to make fundraising fun again.

So how do you hold silly fundraisers?

The best silly fundraiser we can think of is an amateur comedy night at your local school or church. Of course the jokes and pranks must be clean and family appropriate. Silly needs to be the order of business. Tell the contestants that a prize will be given to the person everyone deems silliest. Combine that type of entertainment with a spaghetti dinner and you have yourself one silly fundraiser that people will talk about and remember for a long time.

But the fundraiser itself does not need to be silly to be a silly fundraiser. For example no one would consider a lift-a-thon silly, would they? They might if it was the main fundraiser for the band or cheerleading squad. Those would be silly fundraisers.

Same thing is true if the foot ball team held a dance a thon or bake sale. Those too would be silly fundraisers, but they would probably bring in a ton of money from people who would just love to see the football players in ballerina costumes or selling cakes and cookies they made themselves.

The fact of the matter is that all fundraisers can be silly fundraisers with a little imagination. Wear costumes while selling candy. Sell Christmas gift wrap in August.

We believe that by adding a silly element to all fundraisers will make them all more fun to participate and more memorable for both participants and supporters. That, after all, is the key ingredient to running a successful fundraiser. You want the people involved to have a good time and enjoy themselves. The money raising will take care of itself.

So think about how to make your next few fundraisers silly fundraisers. You are sure to have a good time.