People always think that it is only elementary school aged and older children and those participating in sports leagues who do fundraisers. But there is another huge group of kids that need to raise money that tends to be overlooked and that is kids who attend daycares or preschools.

This demographic has been searching for new fundraising ideas and this article will list some of the best daycare fundraisers to come out in a very long time.

1.) One of the most popular daycare fundraising ideas is a Smencils fundraiser. These pencils are made by tightly wrapping recycled news paper around a standard #2 pencil graphite and then hardening the paper to the consistency of a normal wood pencil. The pencils are then soaked in a number of fun smells that kids love. With a price point of only $1 and profits around 50% for your school, this is a terrific daycare fundraising program.

2.) Another really popular program is a flower bulb fundraiser. This is just what it sounds like, the kids go and sell flower bulbs and seeds to raise money for the school. It is a very easy program because most people like flowers which makes the selling easy. Additionally, many fundraising companies offer terrific profit margins making this a no-brainer of a choice. These are just two of literally hundreds of fantastic options available to day care and preschool students.

The key is to find a program that your students can get excited about and then make sure to keep everyone motivated and organized and you will have a successful day care fundraiser.