From our experience, there are more children playing soccer today than any other sport. In fact, because of the two distinct seasons, you will find kids playing soccer just about any time of the year.

That's why so many soccer parents groan when they hear the words "Soccer Fundraising".

Unfortunately, soccer associations, leagues and teams all require equipment, fields to play on, coaches and other supplies to run programs you would want your kids to participate in. But, fear not. There are good fundraising ideas available.

Soccer Fundraising Ideas:

Sell Discount Cards or Domino's Pizza Cards: The two complaints we have heard this year were "I can buy the same candy bar at the corner store for $.50. Why would I pay a dollar for the same thing?" and "The stuff in that brochure is just a bunch of overpriced junk. I am not gonna bring that to my office or neighbors".

Discount cards and Pizza Cards are a great alternative for soccer fundraising. If you are going to sell something, it might as well have real value. Don't you think?

One of the best Pizza Fundraising programs is a discount card for Domino's Pizza. The cards offer your supporters a FREE medium one topping pizza when they purchase a large one topping. They can use it up to 20 times and the card doesn't expire for at least a year. If you figure the cost of 20 medium 1 topping pizzas, the card has a real value of more than $120-$160. You sell the cards for only $10. And, the best part is that your team can keep up to $9 of the $10 per card.

Just think about. After games and practices, why not head over to Domino's Pizza.

If you want to offer some spectacular value, consider selling custom discount cards.

These cards have between 6 to 14 local merchants on the back of your soccer discount card. The front is custom designed with your team and or league information, mascots and names. The offers are typically buy one get one free offers. Others might advertise a simple discount on the back of the card.