Soccer teams are expensive. Every year prices go up for club teams, even city-league fees. In order to cover the cost for the most basic supplies parents are required to practically take out a second mortgage. There are usually some efforts put forth to lower the cost, but it is still pricey.

Soccer fundraisers have become a necessity. There are lots of fundraisers to choose from, so which one do you pick?

If your team is just starting out, and has no money (despite the amount that you just forked over) to start out with, then you need a pre-sell fundraiser. Get together with the coach and pick a product that would sell well in your area. Consider the customers that your soccer team will run into, and how enthusiastic they are about raising money. The team will sell items from a brochure, and collect money as they go. Then the team will place one bulk order and make one payment. The profits are never sent away, so you will not have to wait for a check to come back before you can pay for the things you need.

Your team might choose a direct-sale soccer fund raiser instead. With a direct-sale, like candy or lollipops, items are purchased upfront, and then sold directly to the customer once they are delivered. You can sell these items at games and tournaments to help raise money. You can also let the kids sell them in the neighborhood with adult supervision.

Whatever your team decides it is important to put your best effort into it. Help the kids understand that soccer fundraising is a great way to work together as a team off of the field.