The economy has created a conflict for many soccer organizations.

They need to raise money more than ever but the slow economy has affect the sales of their soccer fundraisers.

Now, more than ever before, it is very important to focus on what makes successful soccer fundraising efforts.

1. Organization: Make sure you have an organizational meeting with all of the players and their families to discuss the upcoming fundraiser. Make sure they understand why the fundraiser is important, what the funds will be used for, what you expect of them, when you will be holding your soccer fundraisers and what your ultimate goals are.

2. Incentives: Make sure you are raising money for things that will directly benefit the players and make sure they feel they will benefit personally. Personal gratification is a great motivator. On top of that, though, you might consider some incentive for participation. For example if you choose to hold a cookie dough fundraiser you mighthave a pizza party for all the players who sell 5 or more tubs. Getting as many people involved selling will always help the end results.

3. Choose the Right Program: Candy fundraising is changing. The old one dollar candy bars are disappearing so candy fundraisers now are more profitable but offer less visual value. Determine the best program for your particular group but always consider pizza card fundraisers, cookie dough fundraisers and environmentally friendly fundraisers.