Are you looking for softball fundraisers? We specialize in softball fundraising ideas!

Playing softball can be an expensive proposition. If you don't play softball you probably have no idea how expensive new bats and other equipment can be. If you want to be competitive, you need to make sure you have the best equipment. Here are some softball fundraiser ideas to help pay for the equipment, league fees, umpire fees, travel costs and other expenses.

Softball Fundraisers Team Scratch Cards

We suggest softball scratch off fundraising cards as the top softball fundraiser.

Scratch cards provide the highest possible profits for your team. Each player is given one card which will raise $100. Your cost is as low as $10 each, giving you 90% profit. Players get supporters to scratch off 2 of 50 concealed dots. A donation for the revealed amount is given and the player gives the supporter a sheet of valuable national coupons as a thank you gift.

There are sports specific graphics for scratch cards and each card is personalized with your team name.

Dominos Pizza Fundraising Cards for Softball Fundraisers