A customer called the other day and told us they were having a hard time coming up with a great softball fundraising idea. They had looked at a bunch of fundraising websites but didn't find anything specific to softball teams, leagues or players.

He had found sites with great baseball fundraising ideas and most all other sports, but none that focused on holding a softball fundraiser.

This article will quickly identify our top softball fund raising ideas and briefly touch on how to make sure you get the most for your effort. Our top softball fundraisers are:

  • Softball scratch off fund raising cards
  • M&M's Variety Pack candy fund raising
  • Dry Mix Cookie Dough Fund raiser

The best way to make sure your team or league gets the most out of its fundraising effort is to plan in advance and get people involved early on. Remember, you are looking for a fundraiser for a team sport. Make it a team effort.

How do you make it a team effort? First you need to identify a team goal. Make the team goal as specific as possible. We want to hold this fundraiser to pay for our new uniforms. If we don't raise the money, you will have to pay for the uniforms yourself. In order to achieve the goal, each new uniform will cost $50. There are 15 people on the team. That means you need to raise $750.