If you are in the process of adopting or are thinking about adoption you probably understand how expensive the process can be. The fact is that adoption is extraordinarily expensive and there is very little, if any, help available. You may need some good adoption fundraising ideas.

Even though there are no clear statistics on the time of year when adoptions are most likely to take place, the best time of year for fundraising for adoption is October or November. That is the time of year when people are shopping for gifts. Consider using a seasonal gift catalog as a pre sell type of fundraiser and get friends and family to help you with the sale.

Sell Gifts to Raise Adoption Money

Gift catalogs are one of the best adoption fundraiser ideas because it gives people a chance to help a wonderful cause by ordering gifts they would be purchasing anyway.

Easy Fundraising Ideas has great seasonal gift catalogs that we will provide for free. The catalogs range from 20 to 50 pages. They all offer great gift wrap and specific gift ideas for nearly any possible person. The price points are reasonable ranging from a few dollars up to high of $25.

You, along with supportive friends and family, show the catalogs to everyone you know. Let them know how important the fundraiser is and that the proceeds will be helping to defray the costs of adoption. If you have a photo of the child you will be adopting make copies for everyone and attach it to the front of the catalog with a little note says ?Help me get adopted?.

Most people will be thrilled to purchase gift items from you.

The great thing about this type of adoption fundraising is that you do not need any money upfront. Customers are asked to pay for their merchandise when they place their orders. Your group sells for a couple of weeks and then you collect the order forms and money. You tally those together and place your bulk order with Easy Fundraising Ideas, using the money you collected to pay for the merchandise.

You can make up to 60% profit, depending on the number of items you sell. And you keep your profit from the very beginning, only sending us your cost for the merchandise.

Just think about it. Nearly everyone you know will buy holiday gifts of some kind this year. If each one spends just a portion of that money buying items from your gift catalog, you will have a terrific adoption fundraising event and be well on your way to raising the money you need!