Sure, there are countless fundraising ideas out there, but which ones are the best for the humane society? There is no single right answer for the best humane society fundraising ideas, but there are a couple of suggestions we can give for fundraising ideas that have worked well in the past for groups like the humane society.

Flower bulbs are a great no-risk humane society fundraising idea for groups where it is preferable not to have to put up any money ahead of time. Flower bulbs work on a free catalogue system - this means we send the full-color brochures and order forms out to you free of charge, and you collect the money for your orders from your customers. If you can meet the minimum order requirements, you can even qualify for free shipping, so this works well as a humane society fundraising idea. People love beautiful flowers, so if you want a humane society fundraising idea that's sure to be a hit with the community, this is certainly a very exciting option.

Money savings cards are another possibility if you have the capital to put down upfront. This is a direct sale fundraising idea, meaning that you would pay ahead of time for the cards, and then the money you collect from selling them could go directly to the humane society. The minimum profit on these cards is 50%, but can go as high as 90%, making these a very good humane society fundraising idea if you're looking to invest in something that will have the highest return possible.

If you think that neither of these humane society fundraising ideas will suit your group, don't despair, because we have many more fundraising ideas to choose from. Whether you'd like to sell candy or scratch cards or even tea and coffee, we're bound to have some humane society fundraising ideas that will get you excited about your fundraiser.