It makes no difference if you are a small group trying to raise a moderate amount of funds for your sports team, or if you belong to a much larger group that needs a large amount of money, the problem is still this: you have to find some sports fundraiser ideas that will help you get to those goals in the most direct way possible. It's actually easier than you think, because there are all sorts of great sports fundraiser ideas out there, and regardless of what you're trying to accomplish or what sort of people you have helping you, it is fairly simple to match up your team to a sports fundraiser idea that will be the best solution for everyone.

I'm sure you'll have no problem thinking about all the fundraisers you were involved in back when you were in school, the catalogues and chocolate and all those other classic ideas. But guess what - those fundraisers are still around today, and they're still some of the strongest performers out there. So if your goals are profit and popularity (and of course they are!), you should probably check out our candy bar sports fundraiser ideas, or our brochure-based sports fundraising ideas.

If, on the other hand, you'd prefer to try something you haven't done before, some sports fundraiser ideas that are new to you, we have a large selection of both pre-sale and direct-sale fundraisers to get you started. You can do just about anything as a sports fundraiser, including scratch cards, cookie dough, or even selling magazine subscriptions. It just depends on which sports fundraiser ideas appeal to you the most, and which would work best for your group.

We have sports fundraiser ideas to go with any size of group and any kind of product you're looking for, so no matter whether you have a small group or large, or need a little or a lot of money, a quick look through our sports fundraiser ideas pages will give you some great inspiration to get started right away.